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Question about "Blink"

So, I've got this question about "Blink" that I sent out on Twitter but since not everyone I know from here is on Twitter, and y'all are so brilliant, I figured I should ask here as well.

Here's the question:
What is the moral of "Blink"?

I ask because I read Digital Spy's ten teasers about the upcoming episode.

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7 years ago


7 years ago

The moral? Huh, I thought the moral was "Don't blink"... Blink and you're dead.
With that icon, I want to be snarky and say something like, "The moral of Blink is one shouldn't travel with the Doctor because you'll end up supporting him because he's absolutely rubbish without the TARDIS."

I've now got self-doubt about the definition of "moral", thanks to Digital Spy.


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

Apart from "Don't blink"?

I *think* it might have been "don't live a life full of regrets".
That's a good interpretation. Thank you! *ponders*


7 years ago

not clicking on teh spoilers, but as for blink, well... it doesn't really have much substance beyond the clever plot, so you may be looking in vain for a moral in that one. this is why it's my least favourite of the RTD era moff episodes, even though i enjoy it.


April 26 2010, 16:56:02 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 26 2010, 16:57:25 UTC

Yeah, I don't blame you for not clicking on the link because of spoilers. I wish I hadn't because now I'm all full of self-doubt about what constitutes a 'moral'. nonelvis has reassured me that it's poorly written, so I feel better now.
Aside from omgwtfbbqcreepystoneangelsarrrghnightmarefodderfortherestofmylife?

I always figured it was something like "live life to the fullest cos you never know when creepy statues will come to life and EAT YOUR SOUL". Or something.
Haha! Thankfully, "Blink" didn't scare me to the utter extent that The Blair Witch Project scared me, otherwise I'd have to do something about my own personal appreciation of angels and stone statues. I seriously had a near-breakdown when my partner left the door to the basement open sometime in the week after I saw The Blair Witch Project. I couldn't believe that a film could affect me like that. I found my reaction and my brain rather irritating.

I like how the "Blink" Angels kill kindly, though. You can still have your life, just not at this point in time. I'm cool with that. Jump me back to the 60s, man, I'll use what I know to make lots of money!
I just sat here for fifteen minutes trying to think of one. Maybe 'things aren't always what they seem?'
The moral of Blink is that all of your childhood fears are real. Statues are alive! And evil! And scary! And have GREAT BIG TEETH!!! So watch out.
I think the new message will be something along the lines of DON'T LOOK!
It's okay to talk with pre-recorded messages from strangers?
If you saw someone naked, you'll end up getting together with them later?
Time is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff?

(I wonder what certain word in eight teaser means in context. Probably "bad". But I'm going to pretend it's "smutty".)
There was one? Though maybe they do mean "Don't blink", since the Doctor told Amy not to open her eyes in the trailer?
Judging from the trailer for Flesh and Stone (and I won't be specific in case you didn't watch it), I really don't think they're referring to anything more profound than "Don't blink."


April 26 2010, 21:36:01 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 26 2010, 21:56:15 UTC

I haven't looked at the spoilery link, so I dunno if my answer goes in the direction you want. But answering the question as you asked it:

The moral of "Blink" (if stories gots to have morals) is something learned by Sally Sparrow, and the moment you're sure she's learned it is the moment she takes Larry's hand at the end. It's taught to her by both of her friends who went back in time, both Cathy Nightingale and Billy Shipton.

"Live life without regrets," as an earlier commenter put it, is a good summary.

ETA: Just read the Digital Spy thing, and that guy doesn't mean "moral". He means "maxim" or "catchphrase" or something way less interesting. And is probably referring to the bit in the trailer where the Doctor says "close your eyes" or something like that.
Life is short; blink and you'll miss it.