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Can't Get You Outta My Head (ie, My Current Crackpot Doctor Who Theory)

It's 1:30am here.

I can't sleep.

My mind is occupied by a particular theory about what's going on in S5 and I'm trying to grab as much "evidence" as I can for it. I figured I'd share it to see if it really is crazy or a possibility.

My friends, I've never been so excited about a series arc theory. Really.

Here goes:

It started with the article "The Great Doctor Who Conspiracy Of The Fifth Season". It was released on Wednesday.

I remember reading it and thinking that it's stuff that we've seen before. The badge question was asked and answered at the Apple SoHo event, so I didn't really think too much of the rest of the article.

Boo, Iko. Boo.

Tonight, Bleeding Cool came up with another article, "Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks. It was released this evening after the third episode. This time, something caught my eye at the end of the article.

And Amy… she does seem to have a ready answer for everything doesn’t she? Is this that self-causal loop I was musing about?

It linked back to the first article and so I read that again. Paying attention, this time.

It blew my mind.

We've been talking about this series theories on Ravelry and this is what I wrote in response after reading those two articles again:

It made me think about whether Amy knows what to do because she went back and met AMELIA and told Amelia what she’s supposed to do in these different adventures with the Doctor… and the Doctor doesn’t know about them because we haven’t gotten to the point in his timeline when he went back to see Amelia but it is something that is in Amy’s past.

I thought that maybe Amy doesn’t know about the Daleks because Amelia was told to not encounter them, but that fails my Occam Razor test quite badly in my brain. Strangely, the idea of Amy meeting Amelia doesn’t. Hmm.

We, as the audience, have a specific context to Doctor Who: the DOCTOR'S. And I had even more thoughts...

The show, in general, follows the Doctor’s timeline. Not the companion’s timeline. As witnessed by the Doctor jumping Amy’s timeline in “The Eleventh Hour”.

For all we know, the Doctor in a FUTURE episode this series goes back into the past (to investigate, perhaps? Lots of reasons why he could go back). By doing so, it gives Amy the opportunity to meet her childhood self, and tell Amelia what she needs to know about the Doctor.

It’s possible that Amy, the Amy we see, knows more about the Doctor than the audience or the Doctor currently knows.

And then this idea completely swallowed my brain and I started rewatching interviews and trying to see what Team TARDIS has said, thinking about this idea and the more I thought about it and read about it, the more right it seems.

Check out this interview that Steven Moffat gave on Monday at the Paley Center:

“I think the story of Amy and the Doctor is completely different from any other previous story of the Doctor and companion. The reason she goes on board the TARDIS is different. The reason he takes her on the TARDIS is different. It’s not the same. Very, very different story this time.”


We already know that Amy has the ability to inhabit a role that isn’t herself and be deceptive and good at it. Perhaps she’s doing that to the Doctor now and the moments of disbelief on her part are more “OMG, it’s coming true, isn’t it? It’s all real. Everything is real” moments.

Watch her in "Victory of the Daleks". That's the vibe I get from her now.

I rewatched "The Eleventh Hour". Amelia hears the TARDIS, looks up and smiles. What is that on about? Is that Amy as an adult dreaming of being Amelia and hearing the TARDIS rematerialize? Or does it actually happen and the only reason why we don’t know about it is because we’re following the Doctor’s timeline and not Amy’s and the show is being purposefully vague and selective about what it shows us in the past?

Murray Gold and others have hinted that this series will play with time. REALLY play with time. In one interview they gave this week, Team TARDIS all confirmed that the pivotal part of this series is the Doctor/Amy relationship.

So, there it is. What I can't get out of my head right now. Send help. Please.

Some additional thoughts:
I also think this series is about choices. Amy's choice in the voting booth. The Doctor's three choices and choosing wrongly. The Doctor's choice to save humanity instead of destroy the Daleks for good in "Victory of the Daleks". I've got some ideas of how this could fit in, but the speculation becomes too big of a ball of timey-wimeyness. For now, I'm keeping the idea of choices (especially the idea of Amy making a choice for the Doctor in the voting booth) in the back of my mind, hoping to slide it into a Grand Unifying Theory eventually.

Another series arc idea I had is the idea of things happening accidentally. The Doctor didn't intend to come back 12 years late, he just did. And that "accident" ended up causing a lot of hurt and pain to Amelia. It's shaped her personality to what we see now: cynical, distrusting, skeptical. Moffat stated in an interview about the Library episodes of Series 4 that sometimes, what creates great hurt and pain isn't actually evil. It just is. It happens. By unfortunate coincidence. The cracks in time, perhaps they were formed accidentally. Heck, it would be interesting if they were formed accidentally by the Doctor. There's no intent, there's no "big bad" for the series. It's just circumstances. Hmm.

Other random side-thoughts:
  • What if what we're watching is this grand manipulation of the Doctor? Instead of the Doctor going back in time and manipulating Sally Sparrow, this time it is Amy that is doing so?

  • The cracks in time. Are they following Amy and/or the Doctor? Or are they already there? What formed the crack? According to the Doctor: "two parts of space and time that should never have touched, pressed together right here in the wall of your bedroom". Doesn't that sum up a meeting of Amy and Amelia?

Yeah. I can't sleep. I should learn to make soap.

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