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Well, I planned on writing a "OMG, I'm going to Gally! See y'all tomorrow!" post here tonight.

Instead, I'm writing to note that my flight has been cancelled. I am on hold to figure out what I could do to salvage this.

In a word: CRAP.

Continental has booked me on a later flight from Newark to LA. A direct flight at 1pm. I'm skeptical that this will be good because the weather is supposed to be at peak nastiness from 9am to 2pm tomorrow.


My biggest worry, to be honest, is my roommate. The room is booked in my name at the moment and I'm concerned that I won't be there when she gets there. Which may be a pretty silly thing to worry about since I could call the hotel and make sure that, if necessary, she could check into the room in my name but keep the reservation on my card. Still, that extra headache makes me all sad.
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