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In search of a better analogy...

My sister, who is only somewhat familiar with Doctor Who, asked me why the process of regeneration is causing the Doctor to wreck his TARDIS.

Thinking about it a bit, I realized that the Doctor manages to delay the regeneration process. It seems to take him a bit of time to settle all of his affairs, do what he wants to do, and sort of savor his last moments. And at the end of it, when his regeneration arrives, it’s more “explosive” than normal. The sexual analogy there of delayed gratification came to my mind and stuck there.

If anyone else can provide a plausible explanation for why, I’d love to hear it, just to get my brain out of this concept.

Also, I really need to change my icon to celebrate the new year, the start of the new era... but I can't help but feel nostalgia for what has gone before at the moment.
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