Iko (iko) wrote,

I have won the Internets, again!

Wow, it's been a while.

July's been a really intense month and I've been away from LJ for around the past three weeks, just coming in off and on but not being devoted to reading my flist. I acquired a Bell's Palsy and I've been in and out of doctor's offices and stuff. I'm almost 100% back to a full recovery, although my ear still feels like it's under pressure and my left cheek isn't at 100% full feeling or mobility. Hopefully, I will start physical therapy sometime next week or so and things can get back to normal in August.

My birthday has come and gone, so I'm 33 now and Mike's 40 and we've been kidding around that our bodies decided to really show signs of wear and tear. Hee hee! Thank you for the fabulous birthday greetings, y'all are really great.

I wanted to give a shout out, especially, to my good friend PP. She sent me Five for my Jelly Baby swap. Now, she's given me a little friend to go with him!

The Doctor, The Master, and Me

YAY! (Methinks I've got a new OT3.)

Isn't he adorable? She also got me a lovely skein of this gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill yarn called "Foxy Lady". Mrowr! I really love her so very very much. (She's on LJ as awoods5. She's awesomesauce!)

We've been spending a lot of time together, along with a number of other fans and friends at Plurk. (Thanks to Ceej who got me into Plurk in the first place.) It's fun and I've made a number of new friends, mostly knitters and friends of knitters. A number of us are into Who too. And speaking of Who...

I am 1 of 100 I am 1 of 100 I am 1 of 100 I am 1 of 100

Those of you out there who know what that means, yay! I am proud to be 1 of 100 and I can't wait until the pictures of all 100 get released.

So, yay, I'm back and hopefully will throw myself back into my flist and friends and all the folks I've missed.
Tags: doctor who, knitting
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