Iko (iko) wrote,

I have won the Internets.

So, I'm on Ravelry and there's a Doctor Who forum on there called "Who Knits?" One of our members decided that it was a shame that folks on this side of the pond find it hard to access Jelly Babies, so a swap was born from it. Jelly Baby Swap 2008!

I, lucky me, have a UK import store in my little town, so I happen to be able to be in the "Haz Jelly Babies" category. My swap partner, knowing this, decided to splurge on me because my package was coming from across the country and not across the pond.

She gave me the bestest swap package ever.

The Stuff
The yarn was selected because it reminded her of Tegan's uniform. The roving, my swap partner dyed herself in a "Five" colorway, after his coat. Awesome, yes? But the BEST part about the swap?!

Me and Five
She made me a Five of my own! MY DOCTOR! (Yes, this is a picture of me with my little guy yesterday. My fab sister took the photograph.)

I love her so much. So very, very much. I fangirl her. Hard.
Tags: doctor who, knitting
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